Friday, 30 November 2007

The Shot

The main part of people who follows my blog will probably know, what I'm talking about:) But on the other side I'm sure, there are a lot of others, with less free time than me (this group is called "the overbooked one" like Ciril etc:) and maybe don't know what The Shot is!? And it's a pity!

In this invasion of reality shows we finally got the right one for us - photographers! It's about 10 amateur photographers who have the chance to live out their wildest fantasies in pursuit of their ultimate dream: to become the next great fashion photographer.

The show is interesting by itself, but what is making it even more than interesting is a competitor, well known from the most part of you! Yeah, I'm talking about Dean Zulich or Dee for some of you. A man, a photographer with a very inspiring portfolio of photos and some life stories, which seems to come out from a movie!! When I was searching on the internet about The Shot (or Click!:) I found a lot of details from his life and all I can say is respect and good luck! Man, your progress in the past few years is even more inspiring than your photos!

Hehe, arrogant or determined? Who cares.. all I can say (and that's my point of view) is that it's very important to act self-confident versus everything you're going to do! In photography, just like in your life, work, etc.

In conclusion, I think we can all learn something watching this reality. No matter if most of the time, they are getting strange and unexpected tasks, probably this are the moments where it's coming out who has fortune and who is the prepared one. Dean for sure, belongs to the second group!;)

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Memories from infancy

Pomahali smo jeseni, ki nas je samo povohala in odšla. Zdaj zunaj večinoma piha, dežuje in je mraz. Televizije itak že skoraj ne gledam več, okoli mene se nabirajo sladkarije in v sobi je preko 25'C. Skratka idealni pogoji, da se lotim odpret arhiv in poskusim ustvarit kakšno zgodbico iz fotk, ki jih še nisem objavil.. EXIF pravi, da je to bilo 10. junija... mmmm poletje, kaj bi dal za 15 dni plaže.

Serijo sem hotel predstavit v slideshowu s primerno glasbeno spremljavo in 7-8 sekundnim zamikom. Ker trenutno nimam na voljo nobenega primernega programa za to naredit, mi je pomagal Mr.Google z njegovo Picaso. Ni tako kot sem si zamislil.. ni pa niti tako slabo.

O sami seriji ne bom pisal nič. Naj si vsak ustvari svoje misli..


Pa še vsaka zase..

Saturday, 17 November 2007

A view of Autumn

It has come just for a short time... AUTUMN.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Fashion Lessons

Now, you all learned that I'm always posting things that happened almost few months ago!:) And this time will be the same. August 2007 was great!! I met one of the few realy best fashion photographers from Slovenija! I don't know how much presentation he needs, but after you will see his portfolio, it would be all clear.

He finished his studies like a fashion photographer in UK, London. Living in Izola, but main of the time working on the island. Last year he organized a big fashion event in our Port of Koper for a famous fashion magazine Issue One London, which is distributed in 14 countries with 5500 editions.

His name is Mitja Božič and you absolutely have to check out his works!

Great person, a professional, characterized by an amazing semplicity and disponibility. After five minutes of talking with him, you feel like you know each other from many years. I'm greatful, because after our first meeting he promise me, that we can go to make some shots together on a free day.. and so it was!

The photos I'm going to show, could be much better in my opinion, but at the time I was paying more attention to his suggestions and advices, than anything else. Overall, I can say I've learned a lot that day! About lighting, on how to compone a story, what is the sequence in a session and much more.

I still did not thank him in an appropiate way, so I would like to give him a little advance in here, by saying REALLY THANKS!

And a huge thanks also to the new discover of the year!! Mateja the model, my sister-in-law (but not really sure if it is the right word:) Anyway, you where great! Hope we will make a second part too..