Sunday, 20 April 2008

smArt Doll from "Flash Magazine"

Wow, I'm excited to present you a series of photos made by the greatest photographer and friend of mine Mitja Božič. He invited me to assist him, so I could see for the first time how it looks like to work with professionals.. we had a great model from Next Models (London), a lot of equipment, make up artists, stylists, etc.. The shooting took place in Tomos, an old motorbike factory near my home. A perfect place for creating contrasts between all the fashion and heavy machinery.

A really useful experience and a lot of hard work behind all those preatty shots. I hope to take part again of such shootings in future.. Mitja?:)

I'm posting just a few scans from the entire series.. to appreciate the prints at their maximum quality, go to the first kiosk and buy the magazine! And if you don't have enough, go get some inspiration and burn the bandwidth on his site: !



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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Finding life in a glass of water

This time I tried something different, from what I shoot normally. The weather outside was really bad and boring, that's why I decided to try some »macro / still life« in my room. I was looking around for an idea that would go beyond the usual falling drops.

The answer was in front of me on the desk. Drawing pins!

I knew that I would need a lot of tryings, but had absolutely no idea how many.. well, maybe I was lucky or maybe I have a great synchronization between my arm and my camera:) I took about 30-50 photos and here are the results.

But the best thing of this shots is that I made out of them some mini stories! Yes.. I compare them with life. You can see how things are going on everyday.. sometimes all the thumbs are up, sometimes everything goes wrong. But you have to be determined, to reach the goals in your life!

Hope you like them..

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Thoughts: It's going to be a hectit 2008!