Saturday, 17 January 2009

First - post in 2009! Amy..

I think my blog deserves a great post to start the 2009. I'll go back in the summer time, when I met Amy. I posted a photo of her already once, but there are many others still unseen. She is from NYC, with origins from Texas, a boyfriend from Ljubljana, working in India at the time we were in contact for the first time.. Haha, that's called an international lifestyle:)

I'm not going to write 10 pages on how gorgeous she is.. I just remember she said she loves Slovenija.. and I think Slovenija would love her!!:)

P.S. Joooon, I'm still waiting for the backstage photos!:P

Amy for web 001 Amy for web 002 Amy for web 003 Amy for web 004 Amy for web 005 Amy for web 006 Amy for web 007