Sunday, 29 July 2007

Guess: "The New Gadget"

Few days ago, I get some new toys.. Let's see who will guess what's new just looking at the uploaded photo!

GUIDELINE HELP: It's the mp3 player..?.. are the sunglasses..!?.. maybe Polona's Adidas shirt.. or something else,.. who knows?:)

P.S. Sry guys, for now no prizes for the winners. First I have to increase a little bit the visits on my Blog. Tnx to all who will voluntarily take part of it!:) The right answer will be announced in the next days..

And the winners are:

Yes, I get a new umbrella! Tnx to all who were collaborating!
Hahaha, I hope you appreciate the modest prize;)

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Feeling the summer

One of the main reasons to start with my Blog, is that I always submitted just one photo from the session on photo-portals, while all the others remained in some folder on the PC. Now I have the chance to show you whole sessions, backstages and much more..

I want to open the big series of photo session that will come, with (to most of you very well known) and my favourite model - Polona. The shooting taked place in Strunjan, near the natural beach were we are keeping the company with all of my friends and swimming every summer. A special tnx to my friend and great photographer Karim who is always helping me in my projects.

Like always, I'll try to post just the best photos..

Enjoy the summer!

I really appreciate all your critiques and comments.. also I would like to see your opinion and choice between the colour VS black&white ones.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Italy Experience Part I.

One of the most difficult things in photography is the selection. Try to present some reportage in few photos and make a story of them. Since I'm usually posting portraits and people photos, I would like to try something new.. a category which I also love.. but still learning on it - reportage.

I will be quite brief, showing you just the meaningful things. Now, I'm going to present you my last trip experience. On March I went on a 10 day travel by car around Italy, with my supergirlfriend Polona and two other very special friends of mine - Nina & Urška (also seen many times in my photos).

*A fast explanation to the whole male population FAQ:
  • Yes, we were all sleeping in the same room;
  • No, we were not doing "those things" together.
  • I said NO!
  • Hmmm... I see you really don't want to understand..!?
  • But anyway we had a really great time!!

OK, the post is becoming in the "lenghtiness danger zone", so I will post some photo. I have hundred of good ones and that's why I decided to divide the experience in more parts. The 1st part is about 3 marvellous cities - Bologna, Lucca & Pisa.




and "Pisa"

..and my Charlies Angels:)

P.S. Blog se trudim pisati v angleščini zato, da bi ga razumelo čim več ljudi. Občasno bom menjal in ga pisal tudi v drugih jezikih. Upam, da to ne predstavlja kakšne omejitve, saj se veselim vseh komentarjev, v kakršnem koli jeziku ti so..

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 never know!

I would like to start, from the start. A big welcome to everybody!

A lot of time thinking about it.. reading about it.. dreaming about it.. but never start to have my own one. Maybe now it's the right time!

I'm starting with an image, which (as you can see) means a lot to me. It's about life, love, serenity, inspiration, freedom.. and much more. I hope you can feel it in a same way as I do.

Maybe a lot of you already seen it but,.. you never know!

Model: Polona