Sunday, 13 March 2011

Slovenian Press Photo 2011

This year for the first time, I've send two series of photos on the Slovenian Press Photo competition. The photos were made in the 2010 and there is quite a lot of contrast between them. The first one is covering the category of Entertainment & Culture, with the great Correfoc of "La Mercè" festival Barcelona. Lots of time reportage photography is connected with heavy and sad subjects, that's why I though this one could show something totally different and fresh. Energy, happiness, tradition..

On the other side, the story about sex tourism and prostitution in Thailand as an entry for the category - People. Probably not such a taboo theme anymore, but still very actual. I've called it "Love affair in Patong beach".


Correfocs, literally in English "fire-runs", are among the most striking features present in Catalan festivals. In the correfoc, a group of indivudals will dress as devils and light fireworks. While dancing to the drums of a traditional gralla, they will set off their fireworks among crowds of spectators.

25. september 2010, La Mercè Festival, Barcelona, Espana

LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0001- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0002- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0003- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0005- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0007- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0008- LA-MERCÈ-DE-BARCELONA---Espana-2010-(Entertainment-&-Culture)---0009-


Prostitution in Thailand is illegal, although in practice it is tolerated. Prostitution is practiced openly throughout the country. Local officials with commercial interests in prostitution often protect the practice. Trafficking in women and children for prostitution is a serious problem. The precise number of prostitutes is difficult to assess; estimates vary widely and are subject to national and international controversy. Since the Vietnam War, Thailand has gained international notoriety among travelers from many countries as a sex turism destination.

March 2010, Patong, Thailand

LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0001- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0002- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0003- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0004- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0005- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0006- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0007- LOVE-AFFAIR---Patong---Thailand-2010-(People)---0008-




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